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Frequently Asked Question: India's Best Packers And Movers Group

What All Should You Consider While Hiring A Movers And Packers?

You must always hire a good movers and packers firm for your relocation to have a hassle free and fun experience. Also, there is no such regulatory body for this industry making it very unorganized. And so, you should consider a lot of factors before hiring a movers and packers for you. Here are a few things which you must keep in mind while selecting a good mover for you:

  • You must first, verify and recheck their credentials and background to confirm the legality of their business. Complaint registries is another medium to check the potential of that firm. Check if the firm is new or having a good number of years’ experience.
  • Consider the quality of boxes and things they use to pack and shift your belongings from one place to another. If the stuff is new or old, if that will be suitable for your requirements or not. Once you are sure of that you should plan to hire a movers and packers.
  • Understand the costing involved in the whole process and clear everything initially to avoid paying off more than the original price you expected. Check for any hidden costs involved at any time during packaging and moving of your goods, if yes, know the exact or approximate figures and plan accordingly.

These are a few factors to hire a good movers and packers. Go for the initial screening, review the estimate figures, have a proper quality check and if the company is licensed or not.

Are You A Licensed Company?

Perhaps the most important question you should be asking to a movers and packers is about their license. You don’t want the company to take the token amount and fly away without completing the task. Do you? So ask them if they are a licensed company or not. If yes, then where are their documents or proof, in which year did they establish their firm and testimonials of previous clients they’ve had. If the company is hesitant in telling you any of this or sharing the details they should, you know what to do next.

A genuine company will have all the documents such as service tax receipts, administration charge points of interest, GST Number, exchange permit, trade license, registration number, and individual identity proofs as well, such as, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID, etc. They will always try to prove their unique points along with all the proof that they are 100% real and why they are better than other businesses running in the same industry.

You can also check about a firm’s legality directly from the Ministry of Affairs Website by the Government. Mention the company’s name in the option and all the past records would appear before you. If there were any legal complaints or charges against the company, you would see and analyze if they are genuine in their work or not. Once you are satisfied with the details shared by the firm or searched by you, you can choose to hire them or find another one.

Do You Have A Permanent Address Of Your Company?

Imagine you met an executive from a movers and packers firm and paid a percentage sum of the decided cost to fix that vendor and a few days later, you are not able to trace anything about them. Their number is not reachable and their office address they told you turns out to be some odd place. You lose your money and your temper. But do you have any option in such a case? No! That is why it is always advisable to people to ask and check for the company’s profile and permanent address where they operate from. If the company does not operate from an office, they would have a warehouse from where all the dealings are done.

If the company is comfortable in showing you where they work from, where their permanent address is and about themselves, you can be sure of its reliability. But if they prefer to conduct meetings in public places or restaurants and not where it should ideally be conducted, then there are chances you may be dealing with an individual disguised as a business owner. And as there is no such regulatory body governing the industry of packers and movers, the chances of getting a claim on the amount paid or punishing the culprit. You’ll be stuck! So make sure you don’t miss out on asking the company you may be in touch with about their personal details, contact and permanent address because it is your responsibility and you don’t want to fall into any deal with some shady business and get trapped!

What Are The Ways To Contact The Movers And Packers?

With the advancing technologies, communication has been simplified to a great extent. There are countless ways to communicate with people from phone calls to emails to messaging to social media channels to several others. Individuals to corporate firms, everyone uses multiple mediums for communicating with their clients, audience and potential partners. So then why should you keep a track of the different means of communication with the firm you are dealing with? Examine the example given below and you’ll find the answer.

You call up an executive from a movers and packers firm, you meet up and decide to give them the responsibility to help you shift and pay the token money to fix the deal. The next day, you call up on the same number, it goes unanswered. Once, twice and so on. The same dealer who was so humble, polite and all so professional is no more available. You don’t have any other way to contact him. No number, mail or address. Oh! It’s a fraud! What would you do now? You are stuck again! To avoid such tricky situations or fraudulent activities, you have to be sure that the company will be available for your assistance which is what you pay them for! So have more than one communication means with the company you plan to relocate with. Have more than one contact number, email id, Facebook Page Link, website URL, address and other contact details. A good company would always be there for your assistance and give you the time to get your work done, but to avoid such situations to occur or miscommunication, have all the details beforehand. Don’t wait for something to happen and then cry for not finding a way to communicate with the movers and packers you have already booked.

Does Your Firm Have A Liability Insurance? Are You Insured In Case Of Any Mishap Or Accident?

Apart from understanding the credibility of the firm and the quality of their services, you must ensure to check with the company the types of insurance they offer with their services. In India, Moving companies offer two kinds of insurance, namely, transit or travel insurance and full obligation or risk protection. In travel insurance, companies provide protection against any harms caused to your belongings during transit and is relatively less expensive as compared to the other one.

While transit insurance provides protection against your goods, risk protection (or full obligation) is something the company provides themselves. Thus, you have to make sure to get complete information regarding the types of insurance offered by the company you plan to handle your transportation responsibility to; the charges against them and of course the surety they provide for your goods.

Like we said, there are both good and bad movers and packers in the market. So, before you fix the deal with the moving company, make sure to seek complete information whatsoever, total estimate costs, any hidden costs that might arise troubles at the time of settling down the final dues, insurance covers, and absolutely every single thing that you want to know and must know. Because who would want to get into a bad deal or end up paying more than he / she should and also receive damaged goods despite the amount paid?! Exactly! So know everything regarding the protection the company have with them for you in case any mishap occurs or damaged things. We would suggest you to get your shipment insured to avoid losses later.

Is Your Firm Insured? Do You Have The Proof Of Your Insurance?

Often when you relocate, packed goods are directly transported to the destined location. So you have no worries and shouldn’t bother if the company itself is insured or not, isn’t it? No. Now let’s consider a few cases. Case one, you have to shift to a new house. But the lease of the house you are staying in is over and your new house is still under construction. You can manage staying a few days at your friend’s place but what do you do with the house full of things you have? Carry it along with you? No! Case two, you are a corporate firm dealing in selling of goods and plan to relocate your office. And while your office is yet under construction, your new stock arrives and there is no space to keep your goods. What would you do in these cases?

You ask the movers and packers firm to store your goods in their warehouse. But what if a mishap occurs and the warehouse catches fire, or the building falls or your goods get damaged. Worst, the company runs away to avoid customers. You’re in a major fix! To avoid these cases of losses, you need to ensure that the warehouse is insured and you can claim for the damaged goods. That is why it is essential to check with the company if they are insured or not. Not only that, ask for proof of their insurance. If they are not willing to provide you with any document or proof as such, switch to another one. Do not crib later for a claim or the losses incurred, nothing would happen. Get the details beforehand and find out about the company’s insurance, what all things are covered and if your goods are safe with them or at risk.

Do You Do The Work Yourself? Or Are You Sub-Contracting Your Work?

Movers and Packers firms often hire other subcontractors or outsource their work to small movers. This way, they keep a good share of commission and you’ll get the kind of service you could have otherwise paid less than now. Of course, these firms do have some subcontractors to handle different processes as well as clients but outsourcing complete work make them the middlemen gulping a big share of your payment. Secondly, you wouldn’t know who will come for packing your goods and who will be the administrating staff for transporting goods. And we’re sure you wouldn’t want to be confused whom to contact or complain about for any misbehavior or good or bad services.

Hence, you must be very clear with whom you are dealing with. If they have subcontractors and if they handle the administration or connect you with other movers they might have contracts with. Know the movers who will handle the unloading part and the loading part, talk to the company and clear all facts. It’s a deal and everything must be transparent for you to check for everything they offer and provide you with, even the subcontractors who will be assigned to you for helping you with a hassle-free relocation process. Make sure to understand and examine the entire process in advance, how the company is going to provide you with the service and how you will face minimum troubles. Be very specific about the way you want to be tackled and choose the right contractor to work for you.

What If You Miss The Deadline? What Should We Do In Case Of Delayed Processes?

Understand one thing, dealing with a movers and packers company or any contractor for that matter is all business, it’s a legal deal. You must be very specific about everything. List out the things you want to ask and the things you have missed which are equally important to be cleared before finalizing the deal. But despite us telling you all this, one of the most ignored question is about the penalties the company should face if they are not able to meet the deadlines. This is probably delayed work is one of the most common troubles people face with movers and packers. What if they delay the processes and the packed goods reach you late or they do not send an administration service to load your belongings. You would definitely not want to be doing the work you have paid for in case of any delays right, or would you?!

If you aren’t aware of the penalties held upon the company in case of delayed processes, they will have loads of excuses to put off the guilt and you will be in the condition to accept those reasons, nothing more! So make sure you set a deadline for them to put the processes on fast track, know what the company would be bearing in case they cross the deadline and the results thereof. Do not give them a chance to give you all the excuses to justify the delay. Because if you as a customer, is liable to clear all dues in or before time, the company is liable to provide you with the services you have paid for on or before time.

How Many Direct Employees Does Your Firm Employ?

Ask the company about the number of employees they have and their staff. This would give you a hint of how big or small the company is and how professional they are. If they have a good number of employees for all the processes, your journey is going to be smooth of relocating to your new place. Check if they have a staff for your loading and unloading goods or they hire subcontractors. Though, it isn’t bad to have subcontractors but if they are solely dependent on them then that could become a big problem for you in terms of communication, transporting goods and basically the entire process.

A genuine firm, however, will ensure all its clients get a personalized service and would have their own staff to give the best service to them. So be very straight forward and know about the company, the level at which it works and the number of people they have employed. If they have subcontractors for the main task of packing and relocating, there are strong chances of you facing problems dealing with someone you don’t know or you haven’t hired. This could be in terms of delayed processes, misbehave from the subcontractors, lack of coordination between the subcontractor and the company you are directly dealing with. And if you want to save yourself from getting into such a situation, don’t hesitate in asking the company about its staff, number of employees and basically the entire processes for a hassle-free, smooth shifting to your new place you are most excited to move in!

What Is Your Scale Of Operations? Do You Operate Locally Or Globally

There are movers and packers who may operate regionally or locally or globally. The scale of operation may vary from company to company depending upon the level of the firm. The general and most common requirement of clients is shifting within the same region and can be easily met with a small scale movers and packers but for you to shift to a different city, state or country, the requirement would be different. Hence the question that you should be asking the company you plan to choose should be the scale of their operations, if they operate locally or at a global level and what are the processed involved in the same.

If the company has a smaller workforce, few contacts and yet claim to help you shift to another city or state, know that they are into some fraudulent activity. Note the office they operate from, the staff they have, the quality of services they have for you and every other aspect in analyzing the company’s level of operation. You could consider some past activities of the company to check if they can match with your needs and then go for the final deal. For global transit, there may be limited movers and packers that may be able to assist you, but keep in mind that not all big things are nice. So compare the details you take from different movers, their operation scale, strength of workforce, prices, and other factors to find the best one for an easy, stress-free transit.

Does Your Firm Have Any Specific Specialization?

What is that one factor in the movers and packers you plan to fix the deal with that is unique and different from what the others offer you with. It could be a product, a service, client dealings, shorter deadlines, extended facilities, and simply anything. You need to ask the company what is their specialization that is better than others which is why you should choose them over others. For instance, one company of movers and packers might specialize in transportation, the other might be better with warehouse services, some other would specialize in packing and moving heavy containers or custom clearance for imported / foreign goods and so on.

According to their specialization, you could easily filter among the many movers and packers depending upon which suits you. Never select just another company that you may come across. Know their expertise, their past records and accordingly make a decision. Like we say, shifting can be as easy as it can become a trouble for you, it’s just a matter of choice. And only a specialist can make the experience worth the price for you. We are sure you won’t like spending more than the worth of the services. Or would you?! Also, it is not necessary you would need all of the services to be A-1. Set your priorities, know which service you need the most. Like, for example, a corporate would focus on a big warehouse than time period which might, in turn, be someone else’s priority. When you know what you want and from whom, things would itself get simplified. So always ask the movers and packers, ‘what do you specialize in?’

Are Your Services Available For 24 x 7?

As we always say, different customers have different needs and each distinctive requirement has to be met differently. And while some of you may consider moving and packing of goods as a day’s job, you need to keep your facts clear. There are people who plan to relocate during the day hours and there are others who shift during the night. This could be pre-planned, as with most of the cases or can occur due to sudden changes in the then-present situation.

For instance, some very important delegates may happen to visit you on an immediate basis on the day you plan to relocate to the other place. You are left with no option but to shift your hours from the day to the night or at a further date. Hence, the question that you must put forth along with the others is what is their service timings, are they available 24x7 or they have fixed working hours according to which you plan your relocation and the like. If they have fixed timings, it might be difficult for you to handle sudden changes in the schedule or appointment. Likewise, if they have flexible timings, you could mend your plans as per changes and call upon the movers and packers service accordingly. This could be helpful especially to corporate offices, artists and professionals to easily shift their pre-decided time for the services according to their schedule.

Thus, while knowing the company before finalizing the deal, make sure you ask about their service timings. If it’s a yes, the 24x7 facility could prove to be highly beneficial and if not, you need to set your time according to the company.

Can We Get In Touch With You? What Is The Right Time To Get In Touch With You?

Almost all service providers come with a good after-support service or communication channel for the customers to directly interact with the firm for their feedbacks, reviews or any queries they may have. But it is always safe to enquire beforehand than making any assumptions. So go ahead and ask them if you can get in touch with them by any means for any queries, complaints or feedbacks. What is the right time to connect with them, do they have an extensive support system or they themselves would be assisting you and the like. Never make any assumptions regarding the services that firm may offer you pre or post your deal, never do that!

You must fix a movers and packer who has time to connect with you, whether in person, on call or via emails. They must have an option to get in touch with them in case of any troubles. If they provide you with all the credentials readily, you may be sure of the firm and its quality of services you may get to taste. But if there is even an inch of a trouble you sense, back off and reevaluate to choose the one which has good after-support service and a structured communication channel to prevent yourself in getting trapped in any fraudulent activities or as we say, ‘the bad company’! Remember, you need to keep with you complete information about the company you plan to relocate with. If you do not have the details to connect with them, you will be no less than a lost kid in the market! And you sure wouldn’t want to feel like that, especially after spending banknotes on them!

Are You A Licensed Company?

Perhaps the most important question you should be asking to a movers and packers is about their license. You don’t want the company to take the token amount and fly away without completing the task. Do you? So ask them if they are a licensed company or not. If yes, then where are their documents or proof, in which year did they establish their firm and testimonials of previous clients they’ve had. If the company is hesitant in telling you any of this or sharing the details they should, you know what to do next.

A genuine company will have all the documents such as service tax receipts, administration charge points of interest, GST Number, exchange permit, trade license, registration number, and individual identity proofs as well, such as, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter ID, etc. They will always try to prove their unique points along with all the proof that they are 100% real and why they are better than other businesses running in the same industry.

You can also check about a firm’s legality directly from the Ministry of Affairs Website by the Government. Mention the company’s name in the option and all the past records would appear before you. If there were any legal complaints or charges against the company, you would see and analyze if they are genuine in their work or not. Once you are satisfied with the details shared by the firm or searched by you, you can choose to hire them or find another one.

Ask For Testimonials Or References From Their Past Customers
How Long Have You Been Running The Business?
Can You Offer Temporary Storage?

For most of the times, packers and movers are hired to directly shift your goods from one place to another. But what if you have to pack goods from one place but your new place is still under construction or renovation or simply not available? You can obviously not keep your stock on the roads or just anywhere! You need a safe place to keep your goods safe and secure for the time period your new place gets ready or available, right? That is why you need to check with the movers and packers if they have any facility as a warehouse for temporarily storing your merchandise safe. If not, you can reconsider your choices again and if they do, you are on a win-win position already!

If the movers and packers company holds a warehouse to store goods on a temporary basis, ask for the charges and the total cost you would have to pay for the time period you plan to keep your belongings with them. If the prices are high, you can look out for others and compare other prices, services and quality to find the best one. We are not saying that such cases would happen with you but you never know what happens next. Hence, it is always advisable to get complete information and solutions ready for any unavoidable situations that might rise due to any reason. This, thus, becomes another important question you must not forget asking while deciding onto the moving company for you.

Do You Accept Credit Or Debit Card For The Payments For Catering Packing And Moving Solutions? What Are The Modes Of Payment?

You must, in any case, be aware of the various modes of payment available to clear the bills of the packers and movers. This will help you find out the mode that fits you and easier for transacting while getting the work done. Ask them if they accept debit cards or credit cards or cash or cheque or any other online / offline methods for clearing off their bills. Ideally, you should always avoid cash transactions since it leaves no trace that a transaction has happened between the two parties. Unless you are some tech expert having all video recordings made which isn’t the case in most of us! Deal with the company of packers and movers in either cheque, bank transfer, card payments or via other online methods to have a proof of transaction.

But what if the company deals in only cash? Tell them you can transfer the payment which they can encash later with ease. And if they are yet adamant on accepting only cash payments, you know there’s something fishy. Advance payments could be done in cash, as it is done in most of the cases but the proposed quote must always be dealt via a mode of payment with certain proof. And with the digital India run, people have started using online transfer methods, mobile banking or card transactions.

A company having a certain level of goodwill will always have more than one modes of payment for easy cash flow. And if that is the case, you know your relocation is in safe hands.

What would be the most ideal time for packing and moving?

Moving from one place to another is always a troublesome task in any time of the year or any season. Although, if your work has flexible timings, you might face a little less trouble as you can adjust your schedule accordingly. And if you are one such flexible timer, we would suggest you to plan your relocation around spring or late fall as this is the time of highest number of available movers and packers. The rates around spring or late fall, too, are not at peak so you can be at a win-win situation on both the sides.

Different customers can choose different time of the year to relocate with ease as per their different requirements. For instance, parents of kids would like to plan their relocation around the summer or winter vacation. Likewise, office goers would prefer weekends over other days, day-shift ones would choose to shift during the night and vice versa, etc.

While there is no hard and fast rule to relocate at a specific time, month or season. The most ideal time for packing and moving is summer. The weather seems to be perfect, no increases costs, kids have their long vacations, friends can be available for help and availability of packers and movers is pretty easy. On the other side of the same, availing trucks during the night under freezing conditions could be much costlier and might risk all your goods and so on. So avoid extreme climate conditions, peak seasons, and monsoon which would result in damaged goods, delayed service, or over-exceeded prices.

Are Pets & Plants Allowed In The List Of Items Which Need To Be Shifted?

Often, we see people leaving behind their flower pots and plants at their old place while relocating to a new one with an intent to not harm them or maybe get off the burden of carrying them safely (without breaking them of course!). And as for the pets, those innocent souls are either given to some other family for care or left abandoned because they might create more nuisance to your new place. Without even thinking about them a bit, without caring to seek for a solution to carry your pots with yourself you’ve invested hours, watered and loved so much or your pets who has nothing but pure love for you!

If you too have been one of these ignorant fellows, it’s time for some change! There are many movers and packers who will help you shift both your plants as well as pets safely to your new place without any troubles. But how do you find about them? Well, again, question is your answer! Ask them if they help in shifting plants and pets or not. If they do, what are their costs; if they don’t, you don’t actually have to waste time on them! Hop on the next one!

As for the costing, of course movers allowing to shift pets and pots to shift while relocation would be slightly higher than the ones which don’t but you sure can pay that little price for the sake of the innocent souls right?! The one who helps keep the environment fresh and the one who keeps the environment lively and happening!

Do You Help In Easing Up Claim Settlement In Case The Goods Are Damaged During Packaged And Moving?

However favorable the conditions may be, there is always a risk factor involved in every single thing we may or may not deal with. But often due to our negligence or over confidence, we often forget about the uncertainties that may arise at any point of time. For instance, you might not have yet imagined the situation if your goods are damaged during the transit from one place to another. What if the firm provides nothing against the losses incurred due to damage of your goods? What if the firm does have a policy to provide you claim for the damaged goods? If yes, what is the claim settlement process and so on? We bet you didn’t consider the case before reading this.

So now that you read a situation like this, imagine yourself as the victim. What would you do? Run after the firm and ask for a claim? What if the company breaks down and runs away? You are left to do nothing but cry over your losses maybe? That is why you need to be very specific before signing off a deal about the claim settlement processes in case any mishap occurs. If they would help in easing up or fast tracking the settlement against the goods damaged during the moving and packing or not. Consider the negatives with the positives, the possibilities of ifs and buts, and only then can you balance any situation. Keep in mind, if there is something good happening to you, something bad might happen either! Call upon the company and ask about the claim settlement and to which extent they would help you and you’re wise enough to know what decision to make thereof!

Do You Use New Carton, Wraps And Other Packing Materials?

Cartons are used to pack clothing, utensils, porcelain and other essentials for easy transportation. And as these are cardboard boxes, they are made for a one-time use purpose and not more. But there are some movers and packers, who, in order to save costs use old cartons in multiple transits for more than one client. This might not be good for your belongings since the carton is already worn and used. And you obviously would not have neither the time nor the energy to check each box and ask for a replacement in case you find it old. So how do you ensure that all new cartons and wrapping materials are used for the packing of your stuff?

Well, question is your answer to this! Question the company about the kind of cartons and packing materials they use, of what quality and if they will use all new materials or old ones. Now, since you are directly asking the company, chances are the company might say yes and actually deliver the services they talk about but also turn out to say yes to comfort you and use worn out materials to pack your goods. Be very clear about your choice and pressurize on the demand of using fresh, crisp and new containers, wraps and other packing materials to ensure your merchandise is safe and is delivered to the desired location without any harm. After all, you wouldn’t want that beautiful flower vase to break during transit or that set of your favorite glasses. If the company is saving costs on using new materials for you, you need to save yourself from them! Reevaluate your choice and find a better one!

Do You Have Your Own Vehicle Or Do You Rent It?

There are either movers & packers with all in-house facilities or they hire subcontractors or dealers for specific services. The first case would be good for you since you are paying for the work done by themselves and would thus be a better choice; the second case could give you major trouble in coordinating with the company you hire and the subcontractor you are indirectly dealing with.

Leasing of trucks and vehicles is common when moving to a different state or country altogether which is quite understandable. But if the company leases out transportation facilities on the whole, chances are the prices would be higher as compared to an in-house service (they would have their commission plus the actual cost!) and also facing troubles with communicating with the vendor. To avoid such tricky situations, make sure you clear everything beforehand with the company to make a wise decision. Ask them if they have their own fleet or if they rent out trucks and vehicles to transport your merchandise to your new place. If they have their own vehicles and service, you know the company is good for you and well-established to serve you most effectively for a smooth and hassle-free relocating experience worth the price. Understand that you hire movers and packers for a trouble-free, easy shifting and not to adjust with whatever services they have. So never be hesitant in asking about their services, especially their ownership in vehicles and transit vans to get the right kind of service with minimum issues.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

This is perhaps, one of the most important questions you should ask to a movers and packers firm. Understand on what payment terms does that specific firm runs on. Of course, a token money is there as an advance to book the deal in each case but the percentage may vary from company to company. Also, the breakage of the payment may be in two parts: token money and final payment or in parts during the course of transiting your goods to the destined place. A good firm would always have flexible payment terms and provide you with accurate details since the start. They would give you great deals and adaptable payment terms to serve your needs.

But what if you forget asking the details of payment procedures with the company? For the good firms, even if you don’t ask for the details, they themselves would be keen enough give you the details. But for the others non-ethically run firms, the bad ones, they could play nasty games with you. For instance, they might ask for a massive chunk of the entire payment as a token amount to start the work and run away without completing it. Worse, they might keep adding additional costs and burn your pockets without giving you clear descriptions of the costs spent! And we suppose, none of us like to face such situations ever! So clear the payment terms before signing off the deal. Pay the amount that you are comfortable with as an advance and clear off dues on the day of completion of their job. Be specific and open about your needs and you’ll be worry-free!

What Kinds Of Vehicles Are Used In Moving And Packing?

There more than one kind of vehicle used in providing moving and packing services. Whether a small firm or a high-scale business, each of them would have their own variety of trucks, vans and vehicles to transport goods from one place to another for different types of needs of the consumers.

For instance, small vans can be used to carry everyday utensils, cushions, and other small-sized activity, the large trucks help in shifting electronics, cupboards, big-sized sofas and even vehicles themselves for that matter! Depending upon the requirement of the client, different trucks and vehicles are sent to serve their purpose and facilitate easy shifting between the old to the new place. But as a potential client, you hold the rights to know everything about the processes involved in shifting your goods. After all, everyone would want to keep their things safe and secured. So ask your company, what type of vans they provide for shifting, the trucks for shipping, if they are checked for pollution-free or if they have been using the old, rusted ones which has no safety attached to it. If the truck can handle the load of your goods or they have alternatives to it.

Transporting goods is the riskiest of all activities, your products could come out damaged, broken or even misplaced if they haven’t got the right vehicles to suit your needs. Be very assertive about the kinds of vehicles used by the movers and packers to avoid arguments or losses later. A good company will always give you the most apt option for whatever requirements you lay down before them, giving you complete surety of your goods.

How Do You Process The Unpacking Part?

Goods have been packed and moved to the new destination by the company and delivered on time. You are happy with the service till now but have no clue what happens next. Who unpacks the boxes? You or the transporters? Who helps you in settling down to your new house or office or building? No one but the company itself! Instead of pondering over these questions and scratching your head. Make a move and ask everything upright right at the start! There may be firms which would help you to deliver packed boxes of goods to your new house but do not process any further, leaving you with countless boxes to unpack and things to put in their place! And there are firms which assist you in the complete relocating process. And if we aren’t wrong, you’ll want to go with the latter one! Don’t hesitate before asking the process of packing or unpacking goods and understand how they work. If that sounds good to you, go ahead without thinking twice but if you have a few doubts yet, it’s time to rethink over your decision! And while you supervise the unpacking of goods, keep a checklist to ensure none of your goods are missing or damaged. Find a movers and packers with easy processes, good pricing for the services and amazing customer service. Shifting from one place to another is a lengthy and a difficult task for anyone! Hiring movers and packers should thus eliminate the trouble and load of relocating, not leaving it half way through! So next time you hire someone, you know what to ask before it gets too late!